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How much does it cost to get started? 



How much time will it take?

You set your own schedule.  You decide how much time wyou want to dedicate
to your business!  The average Jewelry Bar is 2-3 hours.



Is there a minimum requirement to remain an Eligible Designer?

$199 Personal Volume (PV) in a rolling 6 months.  ($199/6 mos + $33.17 PV/mo)


​How do I make money? 
Your income potential is unlimited - the more you sell, the more you make!
Our Career Plan is one of the most generous in the industry. 




Average Jewelry Bar is $650=$267 approximate profit

$267 profit / 3 hours=$89/hour

3 "Average Jewelry Bars" per week=$801profit (x4=$1068 profit)


How will I learn everything I need to know? 

You are never alone!  You will have endless opportunities for training and support.  You will be joining a community designed to support you and your success.  As your business mentor, I am your first line of contact and will train + support you.  As a member of my team, you will have exclusive access to my Team Website and Facebook groupnwhere you can get answers to your questions, download files, receive recognition and more!  In addition to the many business resources offered through the company - O2 Academy, your back office, O2 Convention and SOAR events. 



What makes Origami Owl so unique? 



Is the market saturated? 

No, the direct sales market did $168 billion in sales worldwide last year.  We have recently expanded in Puerto Rico and Canada and our US market continues to grow!  In fact, Origami Owl has a household penetration of 0.05% which leaves plenty of opportunity!  



What if I become a Designer and I like being a customer better? 

It's a win-win situation!  You can still be a GREAT customer and Hostess and receive free jewelry through our hostess rewards program!



I don't have any friends.  Who would be my customers? 

I will help you brainstorm a list of people you know to get you started.  We have an awesome tool ALICE...Acquantinces, Livelihoods, Inner Circle, Children's contacts + e-Connections. Others would include, organizations you are involved in, people you work with, our service providers, etc.



How do I sign up to get started? 

Visit - Designer ID 1161 to enroll and selet the Business Package of your choice.  As soon as you complete your online enrollment, you will have access to your back office to begin soaring in your business.  You will receive your business package within 3 business days and we will begin your training.


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